v1.16.0 - ControlNet

Lucid Creations has now added support for ControlNet, which is a next-generation improvement on image-manipulation.

We now support the following control types, in all models: “canny”, “hed”, “depth”, “normal”, “openpose”, “seg”, “scribble”, “fakescribbles”, “hough”

On top of that, the model list should now be cached from the last time you used Lucid Creations, which should avoid opening the model list without any info, or without any models.


lucid-creations-windows.zip 25 MB
Version v1.16.0 9 days ago
lucid-creations-linux.zip 26 MB
Version v1.16.0 9 days ago
lucid-creations-osx.zip 42 MB
Version v1.16.0 9 days ago
lucid-creations-html5.zip Play in browser
Version v1.16.0 9 days ago

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