1.23.0 - Kudos Display, Clip Skip, SDXL Backgrounds

New Lucid Creations version finally adds a display of kudos, using the AI Horde’s “dry-run” functionality. These will update 0.5 seconds after you modify any of your generation settings.

The width/height and step sliders now won’t turn red when exceeding 576x576, instead they will check if you have enough Kudos, and if you exceed that min resolution allowed by the horde for that model. For example in SDXL, 1024x1024 is allowed without any kudos upfront.

Clip skip slider has been added.

Lora strength can now go negative! You can set it between -2 and +2, which should allow better use of Loras like detail tweaker

Finally, the old backgrounds have been replaced with new ones, based on the SDXL beta. I plan to replace them once the SDXL is fully released as well.


lucid-creations-windows.zip 51 MB
Version v1.23.0 Jul 15, 2023
lucid-creations-linux.zip 56 MB
Version v1.23.0 Jul 15, 2023
lucid-creations-osx.zip 69 MB
Version v1.23.0 Jul 15, 2023
lucid-creations-html5.zip Play in browser
Version v1.23.0 Jul 15, 2023

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