v2.1.0 - Textual Inversions!

Two massive releases in one day! By the power of FOSS, yes!

The new version adds support for each and every Textual Inversion (TI) on CivitAI! Yes, all of them!

The approach is very similar to LoRa, where you can search for the name of any TI by its partial name or ID and it will find all the ones who match.

The difficulty with TIs in the AI Horde approach in that their placement in the prompt matters, and the way ComfyUI works is that it requires the TI filename to be in the prompt itself which is quite tricky when the machine doing the inference doesn’t belong to you.

You can read how the implementation for TIs on the AI Horde is done in the devlog but what is of particular interest to Lucid Creations users is that you have to decide if you’re going to add the TI yourself to the prompt, or let the AI Horde do it for you.

By default each TI you add to your list, will be automatically injected into the prompt. By clicking on its name, you can adjust its strength and also specify if you would prefer to inject it into the negative prompt instead, or if you don’t want it injected at all. In the latter case, you will then need to add the TI yourself in the prompt, but you also have to do it with the correct filename (which has to be the CivitAI ID). To help you with this, the (E) button is provided next to each TI, which when pressed, will inject the TI filename into the prompt, and you can then copy-paste it wherever you want.

But my suggestion is that unless you really need the specific placement, let the automatic TI injection handle it for you. Simply select strength and placement in prompt or negative prompt.

Other than that, due to the small size of TIs, we can allow a lot more of them to be used at the same time, up to 20 in fact which along with the 5 LoRa and the 200+ checkpoints available, give unprecedented flexibility on your creations without having to download all install anything.

Pretty sweet I have to say ;)


lucid-creations-windows.zip 51 MB
Version v2.1.0 Aug 31, 2023
lucid-creations-linux.zip 56 MB
Version v2.1.0 Aug 31, 2023
lucid-creations-osx.zip 69 MB
Version v2.1.0 Aug 31, 2023
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Version v2.1.0 Aug 31, 2023

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