2.6.x - QR Codes

This new version releases support for a feaure I’ve been meaning to add for a long time. QR-codes embedded in Stable Diffusion images.

Note that this feature will not work well with every prompt or model, as the model needs enough “noise” in the final result to be able to shape it into a passable QR code. While a lot of images will appear as a valid QR at a glance, they might not scan. You might need to do generate a lot of attempts to make it work.

To use this feature, check the new “Special” tab on the bottom ,and enable the QR code workflow. You will need to add at least the “qr_code” extra text with the URL/Text you want to use. You can mouse over the other extra text fields to see what they do.

Finally, this version also adds some quality of life improvements.

  • It now allows you to fallback to the Godot Native file browse dialog (enable this in the settings). Use this when the browse channel doesn’t do anything
  • Added a generate/cancel button on the footer, so you don’t have to navigate to the prompt tab every time.
  • You can now expand the prompt tab by the context menu. Use this if you need more space to type.


lucid-creations-windows.zip 51 MB
Version v2.6.5 17 days ago
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Version v2.6.5 17 days ago
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Version v2.6.5 17 days ago
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Version v2.6.5 17 days ago

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