v2.4.0 - LCM

Now that the AI Horde natively supports LCM and multiple lora versions, Lucid Creations has likewise been updated to handle it!

This means you can select the one of the LCM loras and generate images with just 3-8 steps! Make sure you select the correct lora version for the sampler you’re using!


My suggestion is to always use the LCM&Turbomix lora and the AlbedoXL model which has been recently added to the AI Horde. Adjust your steps based on your sampler.

  • lcm: 3-5 steps
  • euler_a/dpm++ sde: 6-12 steps

Don’t forget to turn your cfg way down to 1-2 as well!

Enjoy and let me know how it works our for you!

I haven’t posted a devlog for a while here so in case you didn’t realize, the last two versions also added support for SDXL loras and worker selection (in case you want to target specific workers with your generations)

Also reminder to follow us on Mastodon or Lemmy if you haven’t already.


lucid-creations-windows.zip 51 MB
Version v2.4.0 Jan 05, 2024
lucid-creations-linux.zip 56 MB
Version v2.4.0 Jan 05, 2024
lucid-creations-osx.zip 69 MB
Version v2.4.0 Jan 05, 2024
lucid-creations-html5.zip Play in browser
Version v2.4.0 Jan 05, 2024

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