Lucid Creations

I’ve renamed this application to “Lucid Creations”. The simple reason is that I felt the previous name was fairly bland and wanted something more catchy. Tell me what you think.

Important: Due to the rename, it looks in a different location for your settings. So it will not remember your API key. So remember to re-add it in the Options tab

I also changed the provided files so they’re now zipped instead of raw. This reduces download sizes and allows me to export the code independently of the assets.

Files 25 MB
Version v1.0.8 Oct 23, 2022 26 MB
Version v1.0.8 Oct 23, 2022 42 MB
Version v1.0.8 Oct 23, 2022 Play in browser
Version v1.0.8 Oct 23, 2022

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