AI Image-generation for everyone, without complexities

I am releasing the first development version of the Stable Horde Client. I am making this software in the hopes to democratize AI generation and provide the capability to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise or wealth!


No Costs: Compared to other services like and midjourney, this service does not require any subscriptions. Use it as much as you wish!

No control: This service is blind to your requests. As such we cannot control what prompts you’re sending to generate.

No investment: This service does not require a powerful GPU to use it. Only to contribute to it.

No difficulty: Compared to free tools like stability-diffusion-webui, this does not require a complicated installation or setup. Just download and execute!


Crowdsourced Potential: This service runs on contributor’s PCs. That means the power of the horde is directly proportional to how many contributors there are. As more people join the horde, economies of scale are going to kick-in, and it will increase the speed and drop the cost of AI image generation.

Snooping: While the horde server does not log any information about your requests, the actual generation runs on other people’s PCs who have full control over their software. Theoretically one can modify their horde instance to see other people’s prompts. As such do not prompt with any information you are not comfortable someone else seeing.

Maliciousness: Because we do not have centralized control over the horde instances, people might find creative ways to subvert the purpose of this service. However every generation you see will also report the server name that generated it so you can report back to me to kick the offending server out.


Let me know what you think in the discussion forum, or with github issues

Files 25 MB
Version v0.3.1 Sep 17, 2022 26 MB
Version v0.3.1 Sep 17, 2022 42 MB
Version v0.3.1 Sep 17, 2022

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