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2.6.x - QR Codes
This new version releases support for a feaure I’ve been meaning to add for a long time. QR-codes embedded in Stable Diffusion images. Note that this feature...
4 files — v2.6.5
v2.5.0 - Stable Cascade
The new version now supports the Stable Cascade offered by the AI Horde. Also Lucid Creations will downgrade your resolution or steps if you specify too high a...
4 files — v2.5.0
v2.4.0 - LCM
Now that the AI Horde natively supports LCM and multiple lora versions , Lucid Creations has likewise been updated to handle it! This means you can select the o...
4 files — v2.4.0
v2.1.0 - Textual Inversions!
Two massive releases in one day! By the power of FOSS, yes! The new version adds support for each and every Textual Inversion (TI) on CivitAI ! Yes, all of them...
4 files — v2.1.0
v2.0.0 - New UI!
Through the amazing work of illlustr on the UI, Lucid Creations now has a super-sleek new look! The control now are all collapsible on the bottom right, which a...
4 files — v2.0.1
1.23.0 - Kudos Display, Clip Skip, SDXL Backgrounds
New Lucid Creations version finally adds a display of kudos, using the AI Horde’s “dry-run” functionality. These will update 0.5 seconds after you modify...
4 files — v1.23.0
Stable Diffusion XL on Lucid Creations!
The AI Horde has started a collaboration with and as a result have enabled the latest and greatest model, Stable Diffusion XL, to be served through...
4 files — v1.22.0
1.21.0 - Load generation settings from previous generation
One thing that I sometimes like to do, is go back to a previous good generation I’d created in the past, but even though I saved the generation details in JSO...
4 files — v1.21.0
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