A ‘spire-like’ deckbuilder card game where you take the part of a dreamer captured in some sort of surreal dreamscape in their recurring dreams, struggling to overcome their own issues to break out of the loop.

This game runs faster and more stable as a local executable, but you can always play on the browser. Full Screen strongly recommended. AI is not supported in Browser!

Click here for Firefox Version

(Unfortunately due to some technical complexity between Godot, Firefox and itch.io, the embed only works for Chrome. Click the above link to play in the firefox browser.)

Homepage: http://dbzer0.com/projects/hypnagonia/

This game is free software and a heavy work in progress. As such we're actively looking for collaborators of all talents.  We're actively looking for:

  • Lead Writers to flesh-out the overarching campaign and storyline
  • Writers to provide short stories
  • Artists for card illustration and character art.
  • UX Designers
  • Game designers, from a card-game background to provide more card or game ideas
  • Junior developers who want to dip their toes into Godot.

If you want to take part in a very active open source project, join our discord or Matrix and let us know which area you'd like to contribute to.  You can follow usin twitter and Mastodon

Note: The lite versions simply contain less music to reduce filesize. All other content is the same.


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Hypnagonia_Windows_Lite.exe 134 MB
Version v0.64.1
Hypnagonia_Linux_Lite.x86_64 135 MB
Version v0.64.1
Hypnagonia_Windows.exe 328 MB
Version v0.64.1
Hypnagonia_Linux.x86_64 330 MB
Version v0.64.1
hypnagonia-osx.zip 309 MB
Version v0.64.1

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